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Apple offers many different models of its devices. The choice is often not easy.

MacBook Air or rather Pro? Is a Mac Mini or an iMac the better choice? How much RAM do I actually need and how large should the hard drive space be? Which iPad will help me best with my tasks? We’ll answer these questions with you by first understanding what you want to do with the device and then weighing the pros and cons with you.

But does it always have to be a new device? No, it does not have to! Since Apple supplies its devices with the latest operating system updates between 5 and 6 years, you can often buy refurbished or used devices with a clear conscience. We help with the selection and setup of Apple hardware. Many older Macs can also be upgraded with more RAM and fast SSD hard drives. We also check your device for upgrade possibilities.

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Acquisition advice

It doesn’t always have to be a top model, but the model that gets the job done. We define your requirements and advise you on the choice. We consider new and used hardware.

Inventory consulting

You have existing hardware and want to develop a concept how to use it best? Whether new use or sale we get the best out for you. Talk to us!

Mobile solutions

You want to have contracts signed digitally in the field, equip learning groups with iPads or need solutions for mobile use? We’ll be happy to show you what’s possible with iPhone, iPad and iOS.

Vintage & Obsolete

After 5 to 7 years, Apple classifies its products as vintage or obsolete and thus discontinues hardware and software support. Not with us, we also take care of older devices.*

Hardware Upgrade​

Certain Mac models can be upgraded with faster SSD hard drives and RAM. Connecting external GPUs or booting from external volumes can also make the devices fit for current requirements. We explain the possibilities.


We advise you on repair questions of all kinds and also take care of the processing. Whether a direct order from Apple, an authorized service provider or an independent provider. We will find the right repair for you.

Medienreife Managed Support

Every device needs to be set up first, and even the smallest working environment needs maintenance and system care. Apple releases a completely new version for all of its platforms every year.

For productive systems, this brings with it many questions and tasks:

  • Are all my programs compatible with the new version?
  • Is my data backed up?
  • What happens if something goes wrong during the update?
  • When do I run the update to avoid losing work time?
  • Is my team up to date?
  • Do other updates have to be carried out afterwards?
  • What has actually changed with the new version?

For companies and organizations, other questions then arise:

  • How do we provide programs, email accounts and access to our employees?
  • How do we keep track of our IT inventory and manage devices when things change?
  • How do we protect our company data and the devices?

We have an answer for you!

Medienreife Managed Support

Apple accessories and peripherals for everything you need in business.

Leveraging capabilities

Connectors that connect

Apple devices have an extensive feature set on their own, but it’s only with the right accessories that they realize their full potential. From projectors and monitors to adapters, printers, card payment systems, routers, external storage and microphones, the possibilities are almost unlimited. Following our motto “Technology must be adapted to the user and not vice versa”, we help you to realize your ideas. We research any kind of accessories for you or recommend options from our experience.

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The key is compatibility

Consulting & research for Apple accessories

Compatibility and connectivity for Apple specific solutions have exploded in recent years and continue to evolve. With iPadOS, you can finally connect your external hard drive or present in a conference directly from your iPad.

You can equip your iPhone with professional microphones, extension lenses and additional LEDs and create professional content or turn it into an instant camera for the next party. Even cash register and payment systems for credit cards are easily possible. Apple’s OS (operating systems) are opening up more and more.

Of course, we’ll also help you choose monitors, printers, external storage solutions and anything else you need.

The beginning is your goal

Provider independent

Adapters & Docks

We show you all common adapter solutions from USB-C, Thunderbolt to HDMI and dock solutions. Whether stationary at your desk or in your backpack for on the go, we know just about everything you can connect to your Apple devices.

Peripherals for Apple devices

Whether you want to expand your hard drive storage, use your MacBook with additional displays or are looking for solutions for presenting, we are happy to advise you.

Accessories for Apple devices

In our newsroom we present you new releases in the accessory universe for Apple. We are happy to research and advise you about your individual needs.

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