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According to Statista, the Apple App Store offers almost 2 million apps for download. In addition, there are countless special and industry solutions that are usually sold directly by their providers.

Researching, selecting and then successfully implementing a software solution is a major challenge that can take up a lot of time. Often there is a multitude of comparable solutions which differ and offer many functions that first have to be understood and set up. In a company or organization, the users also have to be trained and familiarized with the new solution.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a partner who could take over all these tasks? We know just the person.

Consulting & Solutions

Our hobbyhorses

Document Management (DMS)

Your data when you need it. Whether an organization concept with the Finder, the Files App or more extensive database solutions – we help you with your data management.

Customer Management (CRM)

A good customer and contact organization helps not only the sales department, but all areas of the company. CRM systems can now do much more than just contact management.

Tasks and project management

The right preparations and a comprehensible distribution of tasks saves a lot of time in the implementation. We will find the right organizational solution for you and your team.

Cloud services

Online storage solutions not only have many features, but also many providers. We support you in choosing the right one and setting it up securely.

Time tracking

For billing as a freelancer or within a project, we help with commercial time tracking, as well as private screen time.

Digital handwriting

The Apple Pencil has revolutionized the possibilities of the paperless office. Handwritten notes, digital signatures or forms.

Learn & Study

Learning, studying or presenting we have the right tools for you. We advise individually and develop concepts for educational institutions of all kinds.

Password management

Secure access is not only about strong passwords, but also about a secure organization. We help with additional security measures such as two-factor security.

Chat & Messaging

Email is still an important part of communication, but by far not the only one. We show different solutions for different uses.

Conference & Team Solutions

Video conferencing and digital collaboration are more important than ever these days. We help to set up the digital conference room and the effective home office.

Shortcuts & Automation

Many tasks and processes can be automated from iPhone to Mac with Apple’s own applications. We help you to simplify your daily work.

Tools & Widgets

Often it is small functions that make our work easier, such as text replacement, recallable clipboard or memory evaluation. We will find the tool or widget for you.

We know no limit

Why Medienreife

We advise you vendor independent



Our focus is to make your everyday life easier. Before we present solutions, we first take a close look at your requirements.



We want to inspire you with our solutions. That’s why we think outside the box to show you more than you expect.



Every user focus is different and every software can be customized and used individually. We combine possibilities you would not have expected.

we are not afraid to try new things

Digitization and you

We do what we love, that’s why we love what we do. Technology is the greatest thing for us and through years of experience we know what technology can do. The development of this is rapid and the range of products is constantly growing. Therefore it is very important for us to observe this development closely and to understand the effects for our users. Our most important support in this is YOU.

Your feedback and experience help us to guarantee your success in the long term. Dialogue with you and our partners is at the forefront of our efforts to keep improving our offering.

We are always open to suggestions and we want to know your opinion.

Specialists for your topic

We also bring together the right hardware and software for you. Medienreife advises you and helps you digitize your topics with real software solutions.

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