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HomeKit is Apple’s interface that connects compatible accessories to Apple’s Home app, making the office smarter. The Home app allows you to create different locations with different rooms. From there, you can control your lights, program your heating, and do it on the go with a hub (HomePod, AppleTV, or iPad). Create automated scenes in which the lights come on, when you wake up or all devices turn off when the last person leaves the house.

We show you what is already possible today. Our service includes product selection, setup and long-term support. Here, we place special emphasis on the data protection compliance of our proposed solutions.


Discover the possibilities of HomeKit

The selection of HomeKit-enabled devices has grown immensely in recent years. With the cross-company standard “Connected Home over IP”, which will be launched in 2022, many more solutions will follow.

We already show you which solutions are available on the market, what they can do and what you have to consider when using them. We don’t just compare functionality and costs, but also focus on data protection and device reliability.

Lighting control

Automatic light scenes not only make your home more comfortable, but also save you money when set up correctly.

Locking systems

With the Apple Watch on your wrist, you can now unlock not only cars, but also any front door.

Surveillance solutions

With the Home app, sophisticated camera and motion detector functions can be brought directly to your iPhone. Push notifications alert you to any movement.

Heating control

With smart thermostats, you can not only control the heating from the road, but also turn it off automatically when the last person leaves the house.

Power sockets

HomeKit sockets help to monitor and optimize your consumption. In addition, devices can be activated directly.


With the AirPlay standard, video and music content can be streamed wirelessly to compatible speakers and monitors.

For every room the smart something with HomeKit from Apple.

We also help you to update your rooms. Whether it's in the office or at home.

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