Many companies in Germany, as part of the digitalization process and the collaborative work with teams in home offices, are in search of a cloud solution tailored to their business needs –

The solution is Dropbox!

What is Dropbox?

Experience the power of Dropbox – the cloud-based solution for businesses that enables you to store, sync, and access files. With Dropbox, you have everything you need to efficiently manage, sync, and collaborate seamlessly on your files.

Integration with Apple products such as macOS, iOS, and iPadOS ensures smooth collaboration and allows you to access your files from anywhere. Whether you’re working on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, Dropbox is always there for you.

But Dropbox offers much more! Discover the additional applications that provide you with even more features and capabilities:

Dropbox Sign

With Dropbox Sign, you can capture electronic signatures on documents and easily and securely sign important contracts and approvals. Forget about time-consuming paperwork - with Dropbox Sign, you can handle everything digitally and legally binding.

Dropbox Backup

Dropbox Backup enables automatic backups of your files and folders to Dropbox. This provides an additional layer of protection for your important data and synchronizes changes in real time.


With DocSend, you can effortlessly manage and share documents. Upload files, organize them, and set access permissions. Keep track of who has viewed your documents and share them securely.

Dropbox Capture

Capture your audience's attention with Dropbox Capture - the ultimate solution to convey your message. Record screenshots, GIFs, or simple videos directly on your screen and impress your listeners with clear and concise visualizations. No more lengthy meetings and complicated explanations - with Dropbox Capture, you say more than a thousand words. Don't miss out on the diverse possibilities that Dropbox offers. As an official reseller and administrator, Medienreife is by your side to assist you with purchasing, setup, and training. Experience the power of Dropbox and optimize your workflows like never before.

Dropbox and Apple – a strong team

Discover the seamless integration of Dropbox with Apple operating systems and devices such as macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. With Dropbox, you have full flexibility when working on your projects with your Apple devices. Manage your Dropbox files directly in the Files app and access them effortlessly. Share content securely and easily with your team, even in home offices. Dropbox automatically syncs your files across all your Apple devices, ensuring you always have the latest version at hand. The integrated file preview and collaboration features make working on files seamless.

Integrate Dropbox with Apple device management Jamf Pro and optimize the management and security of your Dropbox data on your employees’ devices. With Dropbox EMM, you have full control over the Dropbox application on managed devices. Set policies and restrictions to control access and data sharing. The automatic configuration of the Dropbox application simplifies deployment and enhances user productivity.

Medienreife Managed Cloud

Or would you rather not have to worry about these things anymore? Then turn to our Medienreife Managed Cloud Service. Let us take responsibility for managing and securing your cloud, so you can fully focus on your business. Our professional team is by your side, ensuring that your cloud runs smoothly and your data is always protected. Experience the convenience and peace of mind of our Managed Cloud Services and enjoy maximum efficiency and security.

Dropbox Data Backup – The Cloud Backup

Secure your Dropbox data in your own premises and gain unrestricted access with Medienreife and Synology CloudSync!

Dropbox already provides extremely reliable data and disaster recovery with a variety of restoration options. Your data is optimally protected, and in the event of a failure, various options are available to quickly restore it.

Despite these robust security measures, we understand that many companies have the desire to additionally back up their data internally to ensure the highest level of control and security.

With our Medienreife and Synology CloudSync service, you can achieve exactly this goal. We offer you the opportunity to easily back up your data while applying the proven backup 3-2-1 strategy. This ensures that your data is backed up at multiple locations to provide additional protection.

But our service goes even further. With Medienreife and Synology CloudSync, you have permanent access to your backed-up data, even if all Dropbox services are offline. This way, you always maintain control over your important information, anytime and anywhere.

Choose our Medienreife and Synology CloudSync service now to keep your data securely within your own company while enjoying the benefits of the cloud, such as seamless access. Trust in our solution that meets all your business requirements and gives you the confidence that your data is always protected.

“Daylite and Dropbox – The unbeatable combination for CRM and DMS”

Daylite is a powerful CRM system for Apple devices that, in combination with Dropbox plugins, provides the ideal solution for CRM and document management.

Dropbox and Dropbox Sign can be seamlessly integrated into the Daylite CRM system, particularly through the “Daylite Docs” and “Productivity Tools” plugins from iOSXpert.

With the “Daylite Docs” plugin, you have seamless access to your Dropbox documents and can manage them directly within Daylite. You can link, share, and search for files in Dropbox without leaving Daylite. The plugin enables efficient document organization and central storage in Daylite.

The “Productivity Tools” plugin enhances the features of Daylite by allowing you to integrate Dropbox Sign into the quotation process in Daylite and obtain legally binding digital signatures directly via email.

The integration of Dropbox and Dropbox Sign with Daylite through these plugins creates an efficient and seamless working environment. This optimizes your workflows, increases productivity, and keeps all relevant information in one place.

Thanks to the close collaboration between Medienreife, Dropbox, and iOSXpert, your CRM experience with Daylite becomes even more powerful and user-friendly. Take advantage of this integration and experience an effective and integrated solution for your customer relationship management.

Third-Party Integrations

Dropbox offers comprehensive integrations with various services and third-party solutions, including MS Office 365, Slack, Zoom, Adobe, and many more. With these integrations, users can seamlessly interact with their Dropbox files and collaborate effectively. For example, they can open files directly from Dropbox in MS Office applications, share them in Slack, and access them during Zoom video conferences. In addition, the integration with Adobe allows editing, signing, and commenting on PDF files. These integrations expand the functionality of Dropbox and facilitate collaboration with other popular tools and services.

Discover the unparalleled support from Medienreife, the official reseller, administrator, and Dropbox partner. With our Medienreife Managed Cloud Services, we take care of all administrative tasks, allowing you to focus entirely on your core business.

From deployment to customized setup of your Dropbox environment, we are by your side. Our experts ensure smooth operation and ensure that everything is optimized to your specific requirements.

But that’s not all! Our comprehensive training offerings provide you and your team with the necessary know-how to effectively use Dropbox and fully harness the platform’s potential. Whether you’re an administrator who wants to maintain control or a user who wants to make the most out of Dropbox – we are here to support you.

Trust Medienreife and experience the difference with our Medienreife Managed Cloud Services. Let us handle the administrative challenges while you concentrate on the success of your company.