Apple Device Management

Why professional Apple device management also makes sense for you

Sounds familiar?

It takes weeks to set up the new Macbook so that all the programs, email accounts or printers used in the company can be used?

Macbooks or iPhones in house have different operating system levels and you find that you have to update before you can roll out the new software in the company?

All employees share an Apple ID to share software from the App Store?

Simplify the management of your Apple devices with Jamf!

Jamf NOW lets you preconfigure workstations. Define which apps, email accounts or wifi connections should be available on a device.
Establish security standards, such as password defaults or settings, such as Apple’s FileVault hard disk encryption.
Keep your devices centrally updated. With Jamf, you control which operating system and program versions are running on your employees’ computers. This way, your employees are always up to date and don’t have to worry about software installations or security updates themselves.
In addition, you can also personalize the managed devices, for example by defining individual wallpapers or screensavers.

Jamf PRO is suitable for both small businesses and large numbers of devices.

Not only do we help you set up your Jamf system, but if you wish, we can also take care of it for you – because we specialize in business customers like you.
We offer customized services for your Apple devices in your company.

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