Support packages

Here you can top up your support credit. You can book flexible appointments via our booking calendar or the Acuity Scheduling App. Sessions are billed in 15 minute units. Units not started, will be credited back after the appointment. We keep about 15 minutes free in addition to your booking in case it takes longer.

Our classic remote support offers support via phone or video meeting for your Apple products. We guide you through your issue or access your Mac or iOS device directly. You have full control of your devices throughout the screen sharing process and can disconnect or pause the connection at any time. Once disconnected, there is no more access from Medienreife to your devices.
When booking your appointment for the remote support session, you can already describe your issue in detail and provide us with files such as screenshots or videos via file upload. After the completion of the support session, we will send you all the steps we have performed as a protocol via e-mail.

book 60min

book 120min

book 300min

Apple - IT - Coaching

You want to expand your knowledge about Apple and business applications flexibly? No problem!

With our coaching packages, you can purchase hourly quotas and use them in 1 to 2 hour training sessions.

In our training catalog you will find exactly what you need, from basic handling of the devices to more specialized topics.

You can work out your individual questions with us in one session, give yourself time to implement them yourself and, if necessary, continue them in another session.

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book 8 hours

Your credit is valid for 365 days after the purchase is completed. Our general terms and conditions apply.